Qimo on ZaReason PCs

We were very excited to hear this week that ZaReason has a new PC model geared towards children and young adults, and that you can get it running Qimo 2.0!  Not only that, but Qimo is the default and recommended operating system for this model.  And at $299, it’s perfectly priced for children who are old enough to use an actual computer, but not yet needing (or wanting) a workhorse.

Not that the Invenire 1220 is a lightweight when it comes to hardware, it sports a 1.8 GHz processor, a full gigabyte of memory, and a whopping 500GB hard drive.  It’ll take an awful lot of TuxPaint drawing to fill that much space.

Invenire 1220

For inventors, explorers and all those who love to discover, we built a desktop that gives you a glimpse into the beautiful guts of your machine. Peek through the clear plastic side to see what makes this computer run.

Designed for students of all ages, this desktop is packed with features specific to learning. While many distros run on this machine, if it is being purchased for a younger student we highly recommend that you select Qimo. It features large icons and easy-to-use menus so children can easily learn to navigate on their own. Qimo is useable by children as young as three years, but it remains engaging and versatile for older children as well. If purchasing for an older student or teen, feel free to select Ubuntu or another sophisticated distro.


We’re doubly excited because ZaReason is loaning us one to evaluate ourselves!  Expect a thorough write-up with plenty of pictures once it gets here.

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