Category 5 TV

We’ve been told that Category 5 TV, an online technology show, will be featuring Qimo on tonight’s episode.  Tune in at 7pm Eastern to watch it live, or any time after on their website. (Update: The recording of the live shows is available for viewing here:

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Qimo for Christmas

We're very excited to announce that Zareason, renowned distributor of desktops and laptops running Ubuntu, will begin offering systems pre-configured with Qimo this holiday season.  This is the third and largest vendor to add Qimo to their lineup, and they bring a large selection of very high-quality custom systems desktops, laptops and netbooks.

Qimo partners with PC Vendors

We have been working with PC vendors to provide computers suitable for children that come with Qimo already installed. We were first approached by after Scale 8x, and they immediately started offering both a desktop and laptop customized with Qimo at an affordable price. Just last month we also added Homebuilt PC to our list of vendors, they […]

Qimo 2.0 is now available!

After much hard work, and some delay, we are pleased to bring your the second version of our popular Linux Desktop for Kids! Special Thanks First off, I’d like to thank Brian Hall for once again providing the amazing artwork that makes Qimo so special and appealing to children of all ages.  I would also […]

Qimo in the News

We just got back from our Scale trip and already Qimo is starting to get notice! Katherine Noyes once again mentions us in one of her now twice-weekly blog safaris over at Linux Insider.  Meanwhile, Matt Asay over at CNet talks about getting kids started on Linux early by giving them a Qimo desktop. If […]

New Website Launched

After too much time, I've finally got the Qimo website up and running.  Hopefully it is worth the wait.  Don't be too dissapointed, there will be more features coming over the next few weeks (and take a breather from preparing for Scale 7x).  Comments are welcome!

Mascots, Donations and L.A.

It's been a very busy couple of weeks for us, and especially for QuinnCo. We've doubled the number of computers donated, started planning a marketing campaign for Qimo, and of course we've been preparing for our trip to SCALE 7x. First off, let me introduce Qimo. No, not the software, Qimo the Eskimo, our new […]